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TERMS: Payment is due upon delivery. We accept all credit cards (prepayment) and company check (C.O.D.). Returned or NSF checks will be assessed a $25.00 processing fee.

MINIMUM ORDER: There is a $100 minimum order, exclusive of freight charge, for truck delivery. Air freight orders have a $200 minimum, exclusive of freight and transport bin or other packing charges.



animal bannerMETHOD: We currently prefer orders by our online ordering system, but also accept orders via fax (425-774-0132), telephone (425-776-0724) or email (orders@nwzoo.com). For fax orders we appreciate you using our Fax Order Form, which may be downloaded at www.nwzoo.com/order. Telephone orders may be placed during business hours or left on voicemail after hours.

DEADLINE: To maximize our efficiency and provide you with exceptional service at competitive pricing, all truck delivered and air freight orders are due by 12 p.m. on Monday. We cannot guarantee we will be able to fill any orders or make any changes or additions received after this deadline. We ship via UPS Monday through Wednesday.

ONLINE ORDERING: Our new online ordering system allows for efficient and accurate order placing that reflects our up-to-date and accurate inventory. Customers are provided log-in information to this private e-store by our office. Please contact us by phone [425-776-0724] or email [orders@nwzoo.com] to set up your account.



Please verify and confirm receipt of your order with our driver at the time of delivery. Any claims for errors, shortages, damages or losses must be made within 24 hours of receipt. As noted in this price list’s mouse and rat sections, there is no guarantee for nestling (pinky or fuzzy) or unweaned (hopper) mice or rats beyond live arrival. Please immediately inspect nestling rodent orders with our driver so any necessary invoice adjustments can be made upon delivery. You may refuse any animal for reason of health upon delivery, but prior permission is required before our driver can accept returns of previously delivered animals.

Northwest Zoological Supply takes great pride in the exceptional quality of our companion animals. We strive to ensure that only healthy pets are delivered to your store. We guarantee not only live arrival, but also stand behind the animals we sell for a period of 7 days. We hope you will contact our office immediately so we may work together to resolve any issue and ensure optimal care for all animals. Injuries or illness caused by incompatibility (fighting) or improper care are not covered. Since each animal is an individual, we also cannot guarantee tameness or breeding ability. Please contact our office immediately if there is any cause for concern.


Northwest Zoological Supply cannot be held liable for any condition that was not visible at the time of delivery or shipment. We will not be responsible for any veterinary costs or testing.



NW Zoo sells only captive-bred reptiles and amphibians. Most of the tarantulas we sell are also captive-bred, and the majority of them are produced in our own facility. We do sell a small variety of wild-caught tarantulas from time to time and also offer wild-caught scorpions and centipedes. We guarantee that each reptile, amphibian and arachnid is feeding and outwardly healthy. Because these animals must be kept under specific environmental conditions and each type of "herp" or "bug" has varying individual care needs, we can only guarantee them for 72 hours after they arrive in your store. Please contact us within this timeframe if you have any questions or concerns. We are not responsible for losses due to improper care, neglect, injury or incompatibility with other animals. We include a care sheet with every type of reptile, amphibian and arachnid to help you ensure that the needs of these animals are met. This care sheet covers basic husbandry including diet and required temperature and humidity ranges. We want to work closely with you to ensure animals receive optimal care and that you and your staff has the information needed to educate your customers on keeping their new pets happy and healthy.

All reptiles, amphibians and arachnids are sold only as "unsexed" unless otherwise indicated. That is, they are chosen randomly and we cannot guarantee male or female or a certain sex ratio. Request of a specific gender, when possible, may result in an additional charge. All sizes are averages of the available group and are approximate.

All arachnids are venomous, although most are harmless to healthy adults. We do not sell dangerously venomous scorpions. Use caution with all arachnids or centipedes to prevent a bite or sting, which may be very painful. We do not advocate handling any arachnids or centipedes and are not responsible for bites or stings.

Amphibians have very sensitive skins and contact should be avoided. Wear sterile gloves when servicing their enclosures or feeding. Use cleaning solutions or disinfectants with caution and rinse extremely well. We recommend instead cleaning with hot water only. Only de-chlorinated water should be used for misting, water dishes or moistening substrate.