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Feeder InsectsCRICKETS
We offer all sizes of crickets (SEVEN SIZES!) by selling top quality banded crickets as well as jumbo brown crickets. Banded crickets (Gryllus sigillatus) are active and entice feeding responses. They are an excellent source of protein for insectivorous and omnivorous pets. However, banded crickets do not get as large as the domestic brown cricket so we carry full-grown Acheta domestica for our customers who need a "jumbo" cricket. We sell our crickets in 1000 ct. bulk boxes and you may mix and match different sizes in 1000 ct. boxes to receive the best bulk pricing. We also sell both small and large crickets in pre-packaged point of sale containers.

We sell kingworms (superworms), giant mealworms, mealworms, and mini mealworms, and all are available both in bulk or cupped. The kingworm or superworm is larger than the common mealworm has a softer shell. They cannot be refrigerated, but are hardy and easy to keep. We offer Tenebrio sp. flour beetle larvae (mealworms) in three different sizes. They should be kept in the refrigerator and will last some time. Also available are waxworms in cups of three different quantities. These "worms" are actually the larva of the wax moth and they make great feeders for some reptiles, amphibians, birds and other pets. Waxworms are best housed at cool 50-60ºF, but cannot be refrigerated.

We offer both earthworms (redworms) and nightcrawlers for feeding turtles, fish, amphibians, lizards and other pets. Redworms are sold in 50 count cups and do best at cool room temperatures, whereas nightcrawlers are packaged in 12 count cups and must be kept refrigerated.

The Guyana burrowing roach (Blaptica dubia) is easy to keep and breed and is a popular feeder for larger insect-eating reptiles like monitor lizards, adult bearded dragons or veiled chameleons, and are also great feeders for tarantulas. We offer 5/8-1 1/4 inch roaches in 12-count cups or in 50, 100 or 250 count bulk containers. They should be kept warm and dry at 70-80ºF, or can be kept even warmer to breed. They can be fed produce and/or dry feed.

We sell culture vials of Drosophila melanogaster wingless fruit flies in 12 count culture vial cases only. Fruit flies must be special ordered at least one week in advance.