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Delivery and Freight



DEADLINE 12 P.M. MONDAY: To maximize our efficiency and provide you with exceptional service at competitive pricing, all truck delivered and air freight orders are due by 12 p.m. on Monday. We cannot guarantee we will be able to fill any orders or make any changes or additions received after this deadline. We ship via UPS Monday through Wednesday.

delivery truckWe deliver orders in our climate-controlled trucks to most customers on a pre-scheduled delivery day. Please contact our office regarding what day we are in your area. Schedule may change due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances, but we offer weekly delivery on an established day to all our customers, and further extend our range with the use of couriers we have approved for animal delivery.

HEALTH CERTIFICATES: Animal orders for stores located in Idaho must have a health certificate. There is a $15 fee for health certificates.

FREIGHT CHARGE: All delivered orders incur a flat freight charge regardless of order size or amount. Please refer to the zone map on the following page for the fee assessed in your area. This zone map provides general rate information, but delivery outside of our established routes or courier deliveries may require additional charges. Please contact our office for exact rates.

DELIVERY NOTE: Delivery times may vary or change due to route changes or unforeseen delays. We can give an approximate delivery time based on previous weeks, but cannot guarantee an exact time. If you receive your delivery outside of business hours or meet our driver please ensure that you can be reached by telephone and are waiting on our driver. Please provide our office with information on how our driver can access your store when it is closed. Our drivers cannot wait more than a short time before they will be instructed to continue on to their next stop and cancel your delivery.


We service customers in Alaska and Montana via Alaska Airlines. Air freight charges are determined by location and order size, and additional charges are assessed for live animal transport bins and insulated boxes & dry ice (frozen rodents). Please contact our office for a quote. We currently drop air freight orders off on Wednesday night for Thursday arrival.


We also ship Feeder Insects, Frozen Feeders, and Herps via UPS on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We charge the UPS published rate for Ground Service and the published rate minus 40% discount for Next Day Air Service. Additional charges will be necessary for winter packing (heat packs, double boxes) of Feeder Insects and Herps. There are additional charges for dry ice and styrofoam for all Frozen Feeders orders shipped via UPS.




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