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Click Here To Enter Our Online StoreRep-Cal is an ultrafine mineral powder essential for sun-loving reptiles especially insectivores and carnivores. Choose between with D3 or without.

Rep-Cal’s Herptivite is a premium multivitamin for reptiles and amphibians that contains beta carotene.

Sticky Tongue Farms’ Miner-All I (Indoor) has been an important part of our veiled chameleon breeding program for over a decade.

NWZOO DRY GOODS — WE SELL WHAT WE USE! We are first and foremost distributors of exceptional live animals. You may be surprised to find that we offer any dry goods at all. The reason we offer these select products is simple: We use them and think you and your customers should too. Our wood products are great for terrarium pets and the reptile supplements we offer are the best available and what we use to keep our own reptiles thriving. Our rodents are fed the highest quality maintenance diet, manufactured by Harlan Teklad Laboratories. This food has next to no waste and is optimal for mice, rats, gerbils, and all hamster species. We offer it for sale as well as a higher protein breeder formula.


Rep-Cal Herptivite

Rep Cal

Rep-Cal (with D3)

Rep Cal (no D3)

Rep-Cal (no D3)

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Miner-All Indoor (with D3)

Rep Cal

Miner-All Outdoor (no D3)